The Mission Church is Now Receiving Resumes for Executive Pastor

The Executive Pastor represents the vision of the Lead Pastor and initiates plans for recruiting, budgeting and designing processes to accomplish that vision. The Executive Pastor must have a background in organizational management, and church administration and hold ministry credentials that align with The Mission Church’s doctrinal positions.

The Executive Pastor will participate in strategic planning and vision casting with the Lead Pastor and the Leadership Team and organize sub-tasks required to accomplish the vision. Additionally, the Executive Pastor will manage subordinate staff and administrative substructures in the church to successfully fulfill the vision.

While the role of an Executive Pastor is primarily administrative, it also has a pastoral component. The Executive Pastor must value people above task accomplishment and maintain a focus on the growth, spiritual development, and health of team members and congregants as a primary focus.

If you are interested in applying for the Executive Pastor opening, please email a cover letter and resume to Pastor Keith DeMent at